Honouring the Referendum result

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister updated Parliament on the progress that she is making to enable the U.K. to leave the EU with a Withdrawal Agreement and Future Political Declaration, by the end of March. MPs will be voting on a motion to approve these documents on 12th March and I very much hope it is passed. This will enable an orderly exit and two years of transition to a new, close and special relationship with the EU.  

A new relationship that will enable tariff free, quota free, frictionless trade with the EU, close collaboration on security, defense, and academic research. At the same time enabling the U.K. to have an independent immigration policy and develop new trade deals. The U.K. Parliament and U.K. courts of law will make the decisions that affect all our lives. We will be coming out of the Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy enabling decisions about how we manage the land and the seas around our shores to be made by the U.K. Parliament.  

If the PM does not succeed in securing enough votes for this ‘deal’ another motion will be tabled on 13th March asking the House of Commons if it supports leaving the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement and a framework for a future relationship on 29th March. So the U.K. will only leave the EU without a deal on 29th March if there is explicit consent in the House for this outcome.  

If the House, having rejected leaving with a deal negotiated with the EU, then rejects leaving on 29th March without a withdrawal agreement and future framework, the Government will, on 14th March, bring forward a motion on whether Parliament wants to seek a short limited extension to Article 50 – and if the House votes for the extension, seek to agree that extension approved by the House with the EU, and bring forward the necessary legislation to change the exit date commensurate with that extension. 

Like the PM, I do not want to see Article 50 extended and am urging all my colleagues to vote for the PM’s deal on 12th March.  

At the last General Election, I was elected to deliver Brexit, with an orderly transition to a new, close and special relationship with the EU and I will continue to do everything I can to deliver this.  

To honour my commitment, if the deal that the PM has negotiated does not secure the necessary support in Parliament on 12th March, I will vote against a ‘no deal’ Brexit and if necessary a delay in when we leave the EU. The purpose of the delay would be to secure a deal that does command the necessary support in Parliament and the EU.  

It is clear from the information that I have been given from many local employers, that to leave the EU without a deal on 29th March would be damaging for our economy, employment opportunities, cost of living and future prosperity.  

First published in the West Briton 28/02/19