Boundary Review

Along with the other Cornwall’s MPs, I was elected, by some margin, to do what I said I would do. That included, following through on the legislation that had been passed during the last Parliament, enabling the reduction of the number of MPs to 600 and making sure every voter was treated more equally.

The independent Boundary Commission has the task of consulting widely and updating the boundaries of Parliamentary constituencies that will be used in the 2020 General Election. The current Parliamentary constituency boundaries were agreed using the electoral roll and census of 2000. They are out of date and real unfairness has crept in with some constituencies having 21,000 and others 108,000 constituents.

The proposed new constituency boundaries drawn up by The Boundary Commission will result in one MP representing a constituency that includes both Cornwall and a small part of Devon. The boundaries of Cornwall are not being redrawn. Cornwall remains Cornwall.

It is worth reflecting on the fact that over time the border between Cornwall & Devon has been fluid. It’s also worth noting that Bishop Tim, who in my opinion does a great job standing up for people in Cornwall in the House of Lords, is the Bishop for Cornwall and parts of Devon. Cornish MPs work with our colleagues and authorities in Devon to secure mutually beneficial changes for our constituents, such as investment in road and rail infrastructure.

As for the Cornish Minority Status, this is being taken into consideration by The Boundary Commission too.

I am proud of my deep Cornish roots and am passionate about Cornwall’s history and unique culture. While constantly needing improvement, I am also a passionate supporter of our Parliamentary democracy.  I believe that it is a matter of fairness that every vote should have an equal value.