Cornwall Community Flood Forum

The recent harvest moon was beautiful to see and along with the alignment of the sun and moon, it brought unusually high tides. Fortunately, the high tides caused only minor flooding. Had the wind been stronger or the high tides been accompanied with heavy rain we might have experienced dreadful flooding as in the recent past. As a result of climate change we will be experiencing more erratic weather, so it is vitally important that we all take precautions. Understanding our homes and businesses’ flood risks needs to become a normal activity that we all do. Taking sensible precautions too. Just like we take precautions to reduce the risk of burglary or fire or carbon monoxide poisoning in our homes and work places, we need to do the same for flooding.

But where to go for impartial advice and information? Last week I joined the annual Cornwall Community Flood Forum with Lucy Isaacson and Martin Alvey. They were joined by experts from The Environment Agency, Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs and Cornwall Council. By calling the Cornwall Community Flood Forum on 07581 736347 you can obtain useful information for you and your community. Cornwall Flood Forum is a pioneering community led flood prevention scheme, with taxpayer funding, to enable partnerships in communities to work together to prevent flooding. At the event, the National Flood Advisory Service was launched too.

I know constituents who have been flooded and are very worried about getting reasonably priced insurance. That is why I am pleased to have helped bring into the force the new government backed Flood RE scheme. An estimated 350,000 homes will be able to obtain insurance and the costs of their premiums will be capped The Government created scheme came about following negotiations with various groups and the insurance industry and will come into force in April 2016.